AquaMANIA is a unique and progressive swim instruction program. Hundreds of people have become "AquaMANIACS" and benefited from over 35 years of swim instruction experience.


$300 – 10 – 25 minute lessons (up to 13 years old)
$600 – 10 – 50 minute lessons (age 13 and up)

Lesson Dates and Times:

June 10 – August 31, 2014
No lessons on July 3 – 4, 2014

Tuesday and Thursday
  12:00 – 7:00 (no lessons from 3:00 – 4:00)
Wednesday and Friday
  10:00 – 5:00 pm (no lessons from 1:00 – 2:00)


We offer several programs:


Adults:  Miracle Swimming® Program

We are licensed to teach Miracle Swimming: Lessons for Adults and Children Afraid in Water, a program developed by Melon Dash of the Miracle Swimming Institute. In these classes students learn to be in control in ALL areas of the pool - the shallow, middle, deep, and the sides - even on the surface and the bottom! Once students are comfortable and in control they can progress on to swimming, snorkeling, scuba, and other fun water activities.

Learn-to-Swim Program

Make a SPLASH with the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Program!  The Learn-to-Swim courses offer something for everybody. We teach a variety of strokes, including the front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breastroke, sidestroke and butterfly. This program includes a wide range of personal safety skills. More advanced-level students refine their skills, learn the basics of diving and discover how to incorporate swimming into a lifelong fitness program.

Water Safety Instructor

American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor courses will be given throughout 2014. Please contact us for further information. — MORE INFO —

Basic Water Rescue

Basic Water Rescue is a course designed to increase safety wherever and whenever water sports are enjoyed. The Basic Water Rescue course includes safety tips for pools, spas, water parks, lakes, rivers, oceans and more. This course is ideal for parents, the general public, youth in grades 4-12 or youth organizations, and people who participate in activities in and around the water, such as camp staff and campers.

Safety Training for Swim Coaches

This course, offered in a blended learning format, was developed in partnership with USA Swimming to teach those involved in competitive swimming, including coaches, officials and trainers.

* Swim classes and dates are dependent upon weather and environmental conditions and may be postponed. Please see “The Rules” regarding postponed and cancelled classes.


AquaMANIACs are the BEST!


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