Learn to Swim Program

Preschool Aquatics   Preschool Aquatics

Level 1

Orients children to the aquatic environment and helps them gain basic aquatic skills.

Level 2

Helps children gain greater independence in their skills and developing more comfort I and around water.

Level 3

Helps children start to gain basic swimming propulsive skills to be comfortable in and around water.

Learn to Swim   Learn To Swim

Level 1

Introduction to Water Skills: Helps participants feel comfortable in the water.

Level 2

Fundamental Aquatic Skills: gives participants success with fundamental skills.

Level 3

Stroke Development: builds on the skills in Level 2 through additional guided practice in deeper water.

Level 5

Stroke Refinement: provides further coordination and refinement of strokes.

Level 6

Swimming and Skill Proficiency: refines the strokes so participants swim them with ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. Level 6 is designed with "menu" options that focus on preparing participants for more advanced courses, including Water Safety Instructor, or other aquatic activities, such as competitive swimming or diving.  Options include:
  • Fitness Swimming
  • Personal Water Safety
  • Fundamentals of Diving


$300 for TEN 25 minute lessons

$600 for TEN 50 minute lessons

Please CALL for a Registration Form and send with payment to:

AquaMANIA Swim Instruction

1758 Trinity Way

West Sacramento, CA 95691