Miracle Swimming

Do you wish you were comfortable and free in water?

Learn how to be in control in the shallow, deep, middle, sides, surface and bottom!

Once you are comfortable and in control, you can continue on and learn to swim, snorkel, scuba, and enjoy all water activities!


Beginning Class and Instructors, Berkeley High School Pool, January 2006


Replace anxiety and uncertainty with comfort in water, shallow and deep.

Learn to prevent panic.  Learn to open your eyes, keep water out of your nose, float in shallow and deep water, move effortlessly. Once you're calm, swimming comes naturally. You can have as much control and presence of mind in deep and shallow water as you do reading a book.


REGISTRATION for Miracle Swimming:

Miracle Swimming is presented as a private or semi-private lesson with a maximum of three students per class.

AquaMANIA Swim Instruction : (916) 376-0721

Fax or mail registration form (CALL for a Registration Form) to 916-376-0691 (fax #) or AquaMANIA, 1758 Trinity Way, West Sacramento, CA 95691.

Pre-Class Information

Please bring these items to class the first day: Bathing suit, towel, goggles, and a pen.

Print the Beliefs List and fill in the blanks. Bring it to the first class session.

Call us at AquaMANIA if you have any questions at 1-916-376-0721. See you for a great class!

Student Agreement

I understand that AquaMANIA provides a unique teaching. I understand that AquaMANIA is responsible for presenting the teaching, meeting me at my level, and answering all my questions about it. AquaMANIA will help me learn the course material. As in any class learning situation, I know that my responsibilities are to:

  • attend all classes
  • listen and ask all my questions
  • apply the teaching to myself
  • practice in class
  • ask for help when I need it
  • give myself time to learn

Miracle Swimming is a registered trademark of the Miracle Swimming Institute.

For other classes and locations in the United States and other countries, please contact the Miracle Swimming Institute at

1-800-723-7946 or at www.conquerfear.com